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Apply for funding to support science!

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Apply for funding to support science!
by Rolands Bļujus - Monday, 11 November 2019, 4:24 PM

Apply for funding to support science!

Funding to Support Science was established to provide funding for the most active students and medical residents for their participation in forums, congresses, conferences and publishing scientific articles in internationally cited journals.


To apply for funding to support science, applicant must submit to the committee:

  • An academic transcript of the previous semester certified by RSU Study Department, as well as the average mark;
  • Evidence of prior research and/or professional activity (certificates of scientific interest groups, certificates attesting participation in conferences, scientific publications, etc.), if any. The application shall be accompanied by up to 5 certificates;
  • Certificate of attendance of the relevant forum, seminar, congress, conference, etc.;
  • A copy of the conference proceedings showing the research work, if the student participated with his/her work or a copy of the scientific publication showing the scientific article, if the student has published his/her own work;
  • Bank payment statements and/or payment documents demonstrating the amount spent on presenting the research work, attending the event or publishing a scientific article;
  • A brief description and feedback on the event, the personal benefit from participation in it (up to 100 words).

Funding to support science is also available before the event.

 You can read more about the regulations: